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​Gujing Gongchiew

Water and soil nourish people, and also nurture a local delicacy - Baijiu.

Bozhou, a national historical and cultural city in China, has a history of 3700 years since the reign of King Shang Tang.



Bozhou has a long history of thriving liquor industry and is renowned as one of the "TOP 10 Spirits Producing Areas" in the World ,Gujing Gongjiu was born on this magical land.


Its brewing process is inherited from the  'Jiu Yun Winemaking Method' over 1800 years ago. In 2018, the 'Jiu Yun Winemaking Method'  was recognized by Guinness World Records as the 'oldest existing distillation method for making alcohol in the world.'"


Gujing bottle inspiration
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The business performance of Gujing Group has maintained high growth for many years.

In particular, the company's flagship product, GUJINGGONGJIU·NIANFENYUANJIANG, has received unanimous praise from consumers at home and abroad for its excellent quality.


"NIANFEN" refer to the time for good wine to mature, while "YUANJIANG" represents the quality base of pure grain fermentation. The combination of "NIANFEN + YUANJIANG" has created its unique flavor profile characterized by clear and transparent color, elegant aroma, mellow and smooth taste, harmonious fullness, and long aftertaste.


Its shape is designed based on the ancient Chinese imperial seal, with a traditional official hat-like top and an emperor's robe-like body in the shape of a dragon. The dark bottle body echoes the tradition in ancient China that black is considered the highest honor. The overall image showcases Chinese civilization and symbolizes nobility.


Gujinggong Baijiu Aged original is exported to over 30,To provide higher quality baijiu for the people of the world.

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