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Looking for MEI - The essense of Moutai beauty

Updated: Jan 24

Location: Peninsula Hotel London on December 11, 2023

Hosted by Jazz Trading (London) Limited

In the heart of the bustling city of London, the Peninsula Hotel became the epicenter of inspiration and knowledge on December 11, 2023, hosting a masterclass that left attendees buzzing with excitement. This extraordinary event brought together food and beverages industry leaders, spirit experts and judges, and eager learners to more about about Chinese baijiu. Let's delve into the highlights of this successful masterclass, which proved to be a game-changer for all who attended.

The Peninsula Hotel, renowned for its luxurious ambiance and world-class amenities, provided the perfect backdrop for this prestigious masterclass. As attendees gathered in the elegant surroundings, the air was charged with anticipation for the transformative experience that awaited them.

Penionsula London Hotel

Guests are welcome with a Moutai cocktail and Moutai showcase before entering the main masterclass room. This is where they will induce themselves with the presence of Moutai spirit, entering this magical section where they can appreciate and admire the journey of Moutai upon the masterclass starting.

Moutai Showroom

The masterclass boasted an impressive baijiu speaker ZhongKai Wang, who uses his deep knowledge of baijiu and Moutai to thrive and leave audience the lknowledge of baijiu that engraved into their mind and lifestyle. The speakers shared Moutai's journeys, insights, and strategies for success.

Speaker ZhongKai Wang

Speaker ZhongKai Wang

The star of the show was, of course, the lineup of spirits curated by the brand's master distillers and experts. From different grades of Moutai, each Moutai had a story to tell, reflecting the brand's dedication to quality and innovation.

Left to right:Year of Rabbit, Flying Fairy, Moutai 1935, Moutai Chun 1998, Moutai Prince Gold

Left to right:Year of Rabbit, Flying Fairy, Moutai 1935, Moutai Chun 1998, Moutai Prince Gold

The event went beyond the conventional tasting experience, transforming into an educational odyssey. Guided by knowledgeable experts, attendees delved into the intricacies of each baijiu – learning about the distillation process, the choice of ingredients, and the unique characteristics that set the brand apart. Tasting became an exploration of flavors, aromas, and the craftsmanship that went into each bottle. Including the iconic Moutai Flying Fairy, Moutai 1935, Year of Rabbit, 15 Years Aged Moutai, Moutai Golden Prince and Moutai Chun 1998.

Wellington Room

Peninsula Hotel, Wellington Room

What truly set this spirit tasting session apart was the emphasis on storytelling. Each spirit was presented not just as a beverage but as a chapter in a compelling narrative. Attendees were regaled with tales of the brand's history, its dedication to tradition, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. This storytelling element added depth to the tasting experience, allowing participants to connect on a personal level with the brand.

The baijiu tasting session also provided a platform for interaction. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions with the brand's representatives, deepening their understanding of the Moutai and the brand's philosophy. This interactive element fostered a sense of community among participants, creating an environment where questions were encouraged, and knowledge was shared.

Left to right: Nicolas Medicamento, Marie Cheong-Thong, Joyce Lin and Henry Thorogood

Left to right: Nicolas Medicamento, Marie Cheong-Thong, Joyce Lin and Henry Thorogood

To complement the spirits, the tasting session incorporated a carefully curated menu that highlighted the versatility of the brand's offerings. Attendees were treated to a culinary journey, with Moutai-infused dishes to further elevating the overall tasting experience.

Moutai infused dishes

Moutai-infused dishes

As the spirit tasting session concluded, the resounding feedback from attendees spoke volumes. Participants not only left with a heightened appreciation for the brand's spirits but also with a newfound knowledge that transcended the realm of mere enjoyment. The event had successfully bridged the gap between consumers and the brand, creating a lasting connection based on shared experiences and understanding.

6 lycky winners of Moutai 1935

6 lucky winners of Prize draw of Moutai 1935

This spirit tasting session was not just about indulging in high-quality beverages; it was a masterclass in brand immersion. By combining education, storytelling, and a sensory journey, the event left attendees not only with a taste for exceptional baijiu but with a profound knowledge and appreciation for the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. The success of this session lay not only in the spirits but in the lasting impression it left on the palates and minds of all those fortunate enough to attend.

Jazz Trading (London) Limited 12.01.2024

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